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With its iconic franchises such as Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher Price and Scrabble, Mattel is also asserting itself in the world of preschool licensing with a portfolio of HIT brands such as Fireman Sam and Thomas the Train and is continuing with success the launch of new franchises like Enchantimals and Polly Pocket and more recently the return of Masters of the Universe in 2021 or the relaunch of Monster High in 2023.


Head of consumer products

Barbie License

The most famous doll in the world, which will celebrate its 65th birthday in March 2024, succeeds in the challenge year after year of evolving to the rhythm of trends and current events, while accompanying children in their wildest dreams!

Hot Wheels License

In more than 50 years, Hot Wheels has become an automotive legend that continues to inspire children, early fans and collectors.

Mattel Games License

UNO, Scrabble, Pictionary... Mattel's iconic board games remain timeless today in the minds of grandparents, parents and the younger generation.

Monster High License

Monster High and its iconic Ghouls have made their comeback in 2023!

Polly Pocket License

Since the 90s, Polly Pockets have accompanied many generations into their children's bedrooms, immersing them in ultra-creative miniature worlds.

Fisher Price License

For more than 90 years, Fisher-Price has preserved its strong emotional heritage and its guarantee of quality while adapting its products to new generations of children.

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