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The world is changing, no one really felt responsible for protecting our planet. Since it has been running, it is not about to stop! 


And it is a truth, but it will work without Man. 

The planet does not need man to continue on its path, the opposite is not true and if the human species wants to continue, it is partly our individual responsibility. 

The problems come from Man…..The solutions will come from Man.

There is no question of making anyone feel guilty, but rather succeed in enhancing what everyone is already doing and broadening actions.

It doesn't take much to be happy, Baloo sang, and in fact it doesn't take much to change our habits and be happy to contribute to this global project of respecting the planet for us and future generations. 

A few months ago, I told myself that as long as the Chinese or Indians don't get involved, I don't see what my ridiculous contribution is going to do and I quietly hid behind a general lack of responsibility. But it's only fools who don't change their minds, and in preparing the conference“Responsible licensing is possible! » for Cobrandz 23, then by participating in a Climate Fresco, I slowly became aware of the importance of my mini-actions as a citizen. 

A giant plastic turd to raise awareness about ocean pollution​

A giant plastic turd to raise awareness of ocean pollution​ imagined by the Special New Zealand agency and designed by Better Packaging Co.

This very complex industry which brings together cinema majors, publishers of all types, manufacturers of toys, games, podcasts, glasses, household linen, shoes, textiles, mobile phones, decoration, hygiene/beauty… Functions as diverse as SME managers, physical distribution and e-commerce buyers, Marketing and Sales departments, creative services, creative and promotional agencies, etc. In short, everyone is responsible for one end of the chain. 

We are all an important Link in this industry and we musttake responsibility so that everyone, whatever the size of their company and their hierarchical level, is able to manage their decisions to improve the planet andbecome a committed actor (even on its tiny scale)😊 

This is how we want to createinspiring encounters to support you throughout the years to come with solutions and innovations that are emerging. ThisCollege of committed decision-makers will allow us to discuss in complete transparency the professional issues that we encounter with the integration of CSR into our businesses. 

Power is in each of us, and you just have to want to be able! 

With the Ademe simulator “Our climate gestures”, find out your carbon footprint all year round.


Committed actors

Inspiring meetings between peers

Image by Johannes Plenio
Image by Markus Spiske


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