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Barbie License

Barbie License

The most famous doll in the world, which will celebrate its 65th birthday in March 2024, succeeds in the challenge year after year of evolving to the rhythm of trends and current events, while accompanying children in their wildest dreams! Much more than a toy, Barbie is today a limitless source of inspiration who, every day, encourages children to become whatever they want!

The one who has embodied the most inspiring women, embraced more than 250 careers, collaborated with the biggest names in fashion, and who this year was a hit at the Box Office, wants to reflect her times more than ever. Barbie has undoubtedly become a cultural icon that continues to spark imaginations and spark conversations around the world. Engaged, the most diverse doll on the market allows children to play with dolls with very varied physiques. With 65 types
face, 9 body shapes, 20 skin colors and more than 100 different hair types, Barbie always better reflects the world around us and conveys strong messages in favor of diversity and inclusion.

Through doll play, Barbie also helps develop social and emotional skills in children such as empathy, without ever forgetting to make them dream.


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