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Dea Planeta

Dea Planeta


DeAPlaneta Kids & Family is one of the leading family entertainment groups in Europe which manages and produces numerous content ranging from youth, sport/e-sport to lifestyle as well as successful film franchises. Present in more than 33 European countries, our teams have built their know-how around distribution, licensing, merchandising and retail.


Head of Consumer Products & Media

Blippi License

Blippi is a modern educational facilitator!

Hero Inside License

New atypical event series mixing action, comedy and crazy superheroes straight out of mysterious and offbeat comics!

Milo License

The new preschool series with multiple awards (best animated series at the British Animation Awards)...

Shaker Monster License

Series adapted from the successful comic book by Mr Tan (the author of Mortelle Adèle) for an explosive cocktail of humor and adventure!

Little Angel License

A true global phenomenon, Little Angel is the 2nd animation for children on YOUTUBE with more than 394 million views in France!

Godzilla License

Transgenerational brand from Japanese pop culture, benefiting from global notoriety and strong cinematographic exposure.

Oggy Oggy License

Join the adorable kitten Oggy and his gang of friends in a bright and colorful world !

License The Three Musketeers

The new French Blockbuster not to be missed!

Robocar Poli License

The big return of the hit series Robocar Poli on GULLI from the 1st quarter of 2024 and already a new season expected for 2025!

Pucca License

100% kawaii and sultry brand, Pucca is a character from K-Pop culture known worldwide...

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