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Godzilla License

Godzilla License

Transgenerational brand from Japanese pop culture, benefiting from global notoriety and strong cinematographic exposure with films every 2 years and a presence on all streaming platforms. The latest film, Godzilla vs. Kong, placed #1 in 88 countries with a total revenue of more than $439 million.

2024 is off to a very strong start for Godzilla with an already cult new Japanese film celebrating its 70th anniversary! Indeed, Godzilla Minus One quickly established itself at the box office with more than 100 million dollars in revenue worldwide! For this special anniversary, an Apple TV series already in the TOP 5 and a new Godzilla x Kong is expected in cinemas from April with a major marketing plan.

An iconic brand, it benefits from numerous partners around the world (Uniqlo, FUNKO, Magic The Gathering, Puma, Playmates, Funko, Bioworld, Bandai, Simon&Schulter, IDW, etc.).


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