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Procidis is an independent French production company created by Albert Barillé, a pioneer of edutainment animation. He wrote, directed and produced the saga Once upon a time…, between 1978 and 2009, with: Man, Space, Life, the Americas, the Discoverers, the Explorers and Our Earth, today restored and reunited under the Hello Maestro brand.
In 2024, the saga welcomes a new series!

The Adventures of Colargol, a musical tale dedicated to 3-5 year olds, is back in cinemas.

👉 More information on:

Alexandra FILIOL

License and Marketing Director

Colargol License

Colargol is back! You know, the happy and fearless little bear who sings!

Hello Maestro License

Broadcast in many countries, our series have been a benchmark in edutainment animation for 45 years.


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