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Paramount is a leading global media and entertainment company. Our portfolio of brands is one of Paramount's great strengths with children's series, but also multi-generational icons and brands aimed at adults and fans. The group operates in more than 180 countries thanks to premium brands such as Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob, Garfield, Avatar the Last Airbender, Dora, and many others.

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Sarah SAKR

Senior Director CP and Licensing France

Dora License

The adventures continue with the world's greatest explorer!

Sponge Bob License

The most famous sponge in the world has been conquering both children and adults for more than two decades.

Avatar License

This young boy, trapped in a glacier for a century, must learn to master the four elements to fulfill his destiny and bring peace to his world by becoming the Avatar.

Ninja Turtles License

Created in 1984, the multigenerational heroes have enjoyed great global success with 98% awareness in more than 125 territories.

Garfield License

For 45 years, this orange, lazy, lasagna-loving cat has been a pop-culture icon in France with 94% awareness.

Paw Patrol License

Present in more than 170 countries, Paw Patrol is a global success.


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