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Home Made Licensing


Specialist in long-term and heritage licenses, Home Made Licensing offers you licenses like The Little Prince, Little Nicolas, Zorro... to put stars in the eyes of children... and parents. In the Home Made Licensing portfolio, we also find lifestyle licenses with high potential, such as ISA/NASA, POLAROID, PAN AM and iconic characters from the 80s: FIDO DIDO and Le Piaf.

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License Aurélia Durand

Dance for joy

Fido Dido License

Created in 1985, initially printed on t-shirts, Fido became a cult advertising character when PepsiCo bought the rights in 1988 for its drink 7 Up

License The Little Prince and his Friends

New animated series of 52 episodes of 11 minutes in 2D

Kellog's License

The Kellog’s graphic charter provides access to more than 1,000 images.

Zorro License

In 2024, ZORRO returns to TV with 2 new series, including one with Jean Dujardin.

Simon Super Rabbit License

Simon has been delighting 3/5 year olds for 20 years with funny books


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