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Cybergroup Studios

Cybergroup Studios


Founded in 2005, the award-winning Cyber Group Studios is a leading international producer and distributor of animated programming, aimed at audiences ranging from children to young adults and families. The company is based in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy and Singapore.
Cyber Group Studios also develops derivative products inspired by its flagship programs. These are aimed at families around the world.


VP International Licensing and Marketing

Droners License

Droners is an animated series combining action and comedy bringing together many issues such as the preservation of the environment, the benefits and the power of nature.

Half Hero License

Héros à Miitié is an original creation, a funny and wacky comedy in which Mo and Sam subvert the codes of superheroes.

Gigantosorus License

Seen and adored by millions of children around the world, the Gigantosaurus series, launched in 2019, is a real audience success.

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