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Crunchyroll connects anime and manga fans in over 200 countries and territories. Best known as a streaming service providing AVOD and SVOD content, Crunchyroll also provides fan and community experiences through social media, events, gaming, consumer products as well as content distribution, content creation and the publication of manga.


Director of Acquisitions and Licensing EMEA

Licence Solo Leveling

Ce qui ne vous tue pas vous rend plus fort !

Licence Kaiju n°8

Dans un monde en proie à des créatures connues sous le nom de Kaiju, Kafka Hibino aspirait à s'enrôler dans les Forces de Défense.

Spy x Family License

Twilight, the world's greatest spy, must for her new mission create a family from scratch in order to be able to enter the most prestigious school of the aristocracy.

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