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Bayard Jeunesse is a leading publisher of magazines, books, digital, video and audio content.

Leader in the children's press in France - one in two children reads a Bayard magazine - the group publishes 40 children's magazines with leading brands such as J'aime lire and Pomme d'api.

The publishing houses Bayard Jeunesse, Éditions Milan and Tourbillon publish more than 1,000 new titles per year and sold 12 million books last year. Bayard Jeunesse is the leading children's comics publisher, with its BD Kids label.

Marie-Céline REY

Licensing Manager

SamSam License

The smallest of the big heroes is back with his group of friends!

Little Brown Bear License

Little Brown Bear is an essential early childhood hero.

License Anatole Latuile

Anatole Latuile is a cheeky and disheveled schoolboy, who puts all his energy at the service of the same goal: getting into trouble!

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