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Stand B10

Born in 1972, to spread feel-good news, the Smiley would go on to become one of the most important icons in graphic design, bringing people together through a creative message that spreads positivity and putting social and emotional learning at the top of the agenda.

Smiley logo.png


Celebrating the Creative, Unique, Individual and Inspirational, Smiley co-creates premium collections, limited-edition capsules and prestigious collaborations with opinion-leading global brands, who inspire tastemakers to keep Smiley always relevant and continually creating trends.


Smileys helped revolutionise technology, instigating a digital trend that now sees billions of them sent every day. Their legacy was a new brand made up entirely of thousands of expressive emotions, and by turning this innovation into an artform, SmileyWorld continues to create engaging products and promotions for market-leading partners that provide a unique platform for self-expression.


Newmoji is a new, insight-driven, and design-focused 
approach to emoticon iconography that improves the 
way we communicate through emoticon, enriching, 
and intensifying our interactions. Newmoji will evolve 
how we use emoticons, innovating and transforming 
them to create icons that enhance our experience, 
from digital communication to trending products.

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