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Mediatoon Licensing develops the largest portfolio of licenses from Franco-Belgian comics and represents the rights to numerous Japanese animated series.

Marsupilami, Naruto, Lucky Luke, Hunter

With its Chinese sister company and its network of more than 15 agents around the world, Mediatoon licensing is one of the major licensing players in Europe and China.

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Chief Executive Officer

Marsupilami License

Marsupilami is 70 years old!

Detective Conan License

ShinichiKudo, 17 years old, is a high school detective, a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, and an excellent football player to boot.

Yakari License

Yakari is a young Sioux Indian, courageous and independent.

License Gaston Lagaffe

Gaston Lagaffe works in the editorial office of Journal Spirou.

License Michel Vaillant

Michel Vaillant embodies an ideal, that of the motor sports champion who is at once loyal, faithful and courageous.

Hunter Hunter License

2023: an exceptional year ahead for Hunter X Hunter thanks to the 25th anniversary of the manga's publication in Japan!

Lucky Luke License

With his horse Jolly Jumper as his only companion, “the man who shoots faster than his shadow” ensures order and justice reign in a Wild West that is funnier than life

Blake and Mortimer License

Sir Francis Blake is Colonel of MI5, the British military counter-espionage service.

Dad’s Daughters License

Welcome to Dad… well, to Dad’s Daughters: Bébérénice, Roxane, Ondine and Panda!

Naruto License

After an exceptional year 2022 thanks to its 20th anniversary, Naruto continues its rise by establishing itself as a major license in Japanese animation.

Boruto License

Naruto Legacy: A New Legend Begins!

Boule and Bill License

Boule & Bill is the story of an extraordinary friendship between a little boy and his dog.


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