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Mediawan Kids & Family

Mediawan Kids & Family


Mediawan Kids & Family is the division of Mediawan, the European independent multi-genre studio, dedicated to the production and distribution of children's and family content aimed at audiences around the world. The company is the historic European leader in animation and produces premium television series and feature films as well as digital content around these properties. Mediawan Kids & Family is home to five production labels: Method Animation, ON Classics, Joann Sfar's Magical Society, but also the 2D animation label Somewhere Animation and the children's fiction studio Elliott Studio.

Shahineze WORRY

International Licensing Manager

Witch Detectives License

Maya, Millie and Max are teenagers like no other. In addition to the ordinary worries at their age (school homework, teenage problems, crushes), they must manage the extraordinary part of their lives: magic.

License The 3 Musketeers

D'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, four free, exuberant, courageous and loyal young girls, oppose all those who attack the young King Louis XIII, or who endanger the Kingdom of France!

License The Little Prince and his friends

In this new version of the global bestseller, two children begin a fabulous journey into the stars with the Little Prince...

License The enchanted village of Pinocchio

Welcome to the enchanted village: A place where Pinocchio and his friends, children of famous storybook characters, experience colorful adventures together! 

Pirate Academy License

Finn, Sam and Andrew, three children with radically different backgrounds, join the Pirate Academy, the school through which the most legendary figures in the history of piracy have passed!

Karters License

At the wheel of extraordinary mini-cars, five heroes make their way through fantastic battles and incredible adventures...

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